Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Another Visitor

It has been really nice to have another visitor after Kerry and Jenni had been here in May.
July saw Ants' daughter Kimberley arrive on an Our Airline flight from Australia for a couple of weeks. We fitted in lots of bike riding, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, dinners and a three day visit to another atoll, Arno.
Down at RongRong, an Island in Majuro Atoll
To get to Arno the three of us traveled on a small inter island ferry about 15 miles and spent 2 nights in a lovely bungalow. The highlight was to snorkel oceanside in crystal clear water with turtles ,sharks and looking into the deep blue (dropping quickly to 3000feet!) water.
The path from the bungalow to the beach
Sunset from the Marshall Islands Club (Yachties Pizza Night)                  photo by Kimberley

 Some more photos of Kimberleys' visit

Outside the RMI Goverment house

Cycling in Rita (one end of Majuro atoll)
Laura Beach (the opposite end of Majuro atoll)

Raining on a long bike ride day
Rinsing off in the rain after a long bike ride
The bike ride was interspersed with showers but it kept it nice and cool. We were joined by 2 others which was great. We organised one Sunday the inaugural Majuro Mountain Bike Riders Club and had 13 people turn up for the ride. The icecream shop doing big doubles for $1.25 was the bait.

Ants at Peace Park
Out fishing, Kimberley Ants and Cary
How locals use old fishing floats!      photo by K

And the birds were excited!

Rex an Australian from Narau we entertained on BreakFree

WAM canoes refitted and painted for The Pacific Forum

A wreck ,in fact 2 wrecks at RongRong

At RongRong doing the yard clean up

Sunrise in Majuro     photo by Kim
But a nasty oil slick!
We have had quiet winds of late and one morning a Westerley wind bought in a bit of oil from the fish freezer ships in the lagoon. Yuk! A bit of cleaning needed on BreakFree.

The new Japanese tourist brochure
And the stars , WAM canoes and Ants with a MahiMahi
Traditional dress for the recent Pacific Forum