Friday, 26 April 2013

More photos of the Jambo Arts Exhibition

my table....

note the Australian sea lion!

A pastel of Ants reclining
My model....

My least favorite portrait

My favorite so far....

A big moment for me, someone wanted my pastel!

A performance by Zack, a yachtie Californian fire-dancer, ended the exhibition

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A quick little post about the Jambo Arts exhibition

Demonstrating Pastels at the exhibition

Jambo Arts is a Non Government Organization started up to promote art in the Marshall Islands.  I joined recently and I'm really loving being involved with the group, they are quite an inspiring bunch. Last Friday and Saturday I exhibited some of my pastels in the biannual exbo and got a great response for my first public showing. Just thought I would post a few photos that a fellow Jambodian artist took at the exhibition. I sold a large format pastel of a Maori face moko.  I might find a few more photos for the next post. 

A close up of a Maori portrait  I am working on

Some of the exhibits, note the WAM model canoe.  Can you spot the pastels of Ants reclining and the bearded man, some of my contributions? I bought the "LIVE" picture in the foreground which we have up on the boat now.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia

Lonely individual

Jane meeting one of the friendly locals...note nice lips!

We have just come back from a week in Pohnpei. Where, you might ask, is Pohnpei? Part of Micronesia (FSM) it is about 2000km west of here. A dozen or so Australian volunteers from the North Pacific are treated to an annual meeting/junket to talk about our experiences. So this post focuses on the 6 day visit. In a teacup...mountains/green tropical forests/rivers/waterfalls/friendly people.

Tropicaflorius pinkupetalus!

We set off on the “puddle jumper” flying West from Majuro to Kwajalein Atoll, 45 minute stop then another quick bounce at Koserae and onto Pohnpei. Because of the hills it rains more than Majuro. We went with four other Majuro based AVI volunteers, Pete, Wally, Soe and Allen.

Day two to four was the real reason we were there, our “in country conference”. An AVI fellow had been flown up all the way from Melbourne to help us network!! Short working days finished by 2pm. Exploring Kolonia town in the afternoons. Eating and drinking too much at night.
Talking amoungst ourselves we discovered we all have similar frustrations in our volunteering roles: a different work ethic, financial management, even “what am I doing here”, also though, plenty of positive stories and people really achieving something.

The highlight of our trip was going to Nan Madol. Nan Madol is the Machu Pichu of the North Pacific. It is a impressive stone city built on a shallow reef flat between 200 and 1200 AD. It is constructed of long hexagonal basalt blocks which according to local belief were flown in (by magic) and all done by two brothers. The basalt comes from a quarry at least 30 km away from the site. 

A North Pacific version of "the African Queen"

Nan Dowas, part of Nan Madol

Arty photo!

hexagonal basalt


happy travellers

On the Saturday four of us hired a car and visited spectacular waterfalls, Nan Madol, petroglyphs(rock carving) and circumnavigated the Island....
on the way to the falls

serious waterfall

this is when you need the waterproof camera!

we had company for lunch

typical Pohnpei parking lot

Spot the toad

another toad!!!

another bloody waterfall and our guide

cock fighters in training mode

On the Sunday twelve of us went on a boat trip and swam with 5 foot wing span Manta Rays at Manta Road, a gap in the reef. Had some great snorkelling and a picnic lunch on a little coral island. Then finished with another trip to Nan Madol...truly awesome.

Sunday boat trip
just the right height!

OK look this way

say "cheese"

Back home on Monday to Majuro. It was nice to get back to our simple, flat, one road town and the homeliness of Break Free.

we really liked his earrings