Sunday, 1 December 2013

A quick update from Majuro

One of my pastels at the recent Jambo Arts Exhibition...sold this one hence pink sticker!

Ingrid and myself having a rest from being the Entertainment officers at the Jambo Arts exbo
Ants, Steve and Brian are thankfully nearly in Moreton Bay after just under three weeks of sailing in Break Free. The weather yesterday for them was big seas, rough with high winds....Ants mentioned I would not have liked not pleasant. The weather has settled down now and I can now mention the FISH word as they caught a big one on the way into one of the Chesterfield atolls. This set of atolls are very low lying uninhabited sea bird colonies ?600 nm NW of New Caledonia in the Coral Sea.  I am hoping Ants will have some photos of the big trip....will keep you posted.

I have been really busy firstly with work as I have prepared and given a presentation on my curriculum which was well recieved. Then I exhibited at the 7th biannual Jambo Arts exhibition. I must was good fun and I'll miss Jambo Arts....I have one last big event before I leave on the 11th and thats the WAM graduation on Thursday next....the ceremony is in the morning and I am going canoe sailing in the afternoon. Should be fun also!

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